Still Blessed
by The Perrys

Sometimes I wake up in the morning
I see I've made it through the night.
I listen for my family sure enough they're all right.
As we gather round the table bow our heads in thankfulness,
With tear filled eyes my heart cries “still blessed”

There’s never a day He doesn't give me all I need,
And when I wake up to the storm, my soul cries peace.
Sometimes I try to count them, they're too many I confess.
So with arms upraised I just say “still blessed”.

Now I don't want to leave my family
I don't want to leave my friends.
Oh but lately I've been homesick, how I long just to be with Him.
So in the morning should you find me with my eyes closed in death,
Oh what victory what glory “still blessed”
Lyrics submitted by David Maley.