Step Aside
by Yolanda Adams

Don’t give up. Don’t you worry
You don’t have to cry
Cause He sees, He sees what you’re going through, Yes he does
God is willing and He is able
This did not catch him by surprise
So just trust him and just step aside

Be still and don’t question it
These obstacles, they were allowed
He wants to take you higher and higher
If you would hold on
God is willing and more than able
This did not catch him by surprise
So just hold on and you step aside

Oh, oh, oh My God is faithful
I know He’s faithful
To do what He said He would do
Now if He said it you have to believe it
Cause there is nothing He can not do
You must stand on his word

Choir: Stand on his word

Cast all your cares on him

Choir: Give it to Him
You got to believe that He love you
He did it for me that’s why I can tell you

Choir: Why can’t you


Choir: Step

Just step aside

Step, I’ll step aside
Step, Lord I’ll step aside
Lyrics submitted by Camesha.