Staring at the Stars
by Passenger

Tobacco stains our yellow teeth,
And all our fingers and underneath
Our fingernails that clasp on sheets
As we try desperately to sleep

Hearts are sad, eyes are tired
All this Red Bull® keeps us weird
Gives us wings
It gives us rings around the eyes

We put three sugars in our tea
Sit to watch daytime TV
And laugh at moms
Who don’t know who the father is

And all our girlfriends are long gone
We watched too much internet porn
Who needs to love
When you’ve got silicon and strap-ons

And beer blokes our spoiled guts
And shit jobs keep us in ruts
And keep us eyeing out
The What’s and ifs and buts and maybes

Falling over in a street
It’s just a part of every week
We lie drunkenly
Just staring at the stars

Remember when they were in reach
And all the teachers used to teach
You can do anything
We just put our minds to it

We put our minds to it all
Your disappointment crashed the ball
We could’ve done anything
We just never quite knew it so

Tie your scarf on tight
It’s to be a cold night
Tie your scarf on tight
It’s to be a cold night (4 x)
Lyrics submitted by Lukas Menke.