Standing on the Mountain Top
by DJ Khaled

Standing on the mountain top
Countin all this Money
Laughin at you Haterz
Ain’t Nothing Gonna Save you

Welcome Back
Another small Buy
we global
Feel my pain
The internet cant deal with a nigga like me
Cus i keep it so hood, yeah i keep it so Street
The industry hate but they gotta see me
Turn your tvs on bet all u see is me
Nah i aint playing why you trying to blame me
Might as well hate the world instead of hating on me

And we taking over, One label at a time

I need that clearence
feed me more
come and think about it you need it more
Uhh i am miami
i do this for miami,
24 and 7 trays
yeah nigga we born and raised
Joe Crack we showed them
Damn right I'm so conceited
I know it made you sick,
Guess what it made me rich
Shout out to all my DJ's
Projects I know you feel me
Thank God for rubber bands
Thanks for brown paper bags
Phantoms' our paper tags
This one's for all the fans

Standing on the mountain top
Countin all this Money
Laughin at you Haterz
Ain’t Nothing Gonna Save you

I Introduce you to

Ace Hood!

Get Em.

mo money mo problems
They Holla I get em I got em
I’m bout da Bugatti's
The beasts and I feasts of the bottom
Youngens they charge feeding heat from the teeth of the
Ain't stopping I’m Steady Moppin
Leave you inside of a coffin
Bitch I am Ace add the H to the Double O D
And When you Mention Greatness Bitch you better be
mentioning me
And when you say The best you definitely mentioning
we(the best)
They said I couldn’t do it
Proovin dem Ludacris Niggas
Who doubted the music They influenced and movin through
I’m Times 3
Hit a fiend and its deeper than me
Call me Young Hov the way I change and I bang on the
My Album coming tell them pussies they stayin a sleep
Its G-U-T-T-A
I serve em as raw as the beef
My replication of this creature I mention its me
My Album Droppin see the Dead will be living through me
That means greatness is Biggie and Pac deceased
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