Standing O
by Mariah Carey

Verse 1:
Boy you remind me of a
Love that seemed so sublime
Your kisses told me oh so many lies
Shades on like I be stunting through the night
But I'm just hiding puffy eyes
To keep the world from knowing what's inside
I didn't know
I was a show
And your words they had no meaning
How didn't I foresee this
Happiness and congrats and all that
I'll pretend I mean it

So cheers, toast, bravo to you
Cuz you're the man of the hour
I'mma have to send you some flowers, woah
Cheers, toast, bravo to you
The man of the hour
You played the one that loved you the most

So here's your standing O
Boy so here's your standing O
Gave you my heart and all you did was pound on it
So here's your standing O

Verse 2:
Here's your standing ovation
Doctor, I was too patient
Even when you wasn't enough
I'm the one that taught you how to love
Boy I gave you all of me
Heart of affection, you couldn't see
That you would embrace her in your arms
Give her my all
Give her more than you gave to me
When you had nothing, I gave
When you were weak, I made you brave
You wouldn't leave me with the scars on my heart
So funny how y'all forget it all



Round of applause
To the biggest fool in the world
Give him all that you got
And they still ride out into the sunset
With the next girl

Standing ovation, congratulations
Damn I was down for it
Gave you my heart
And all you did was pound on it
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