Speak No Evil
by Tinsley Ellis

Don't go round spreading rumors, even if what you say is true.
Before you go and tell your tale, you better think things through.
So speak no evil, evil might happen to you.

I've been mad enough, to kill someone, but I couldn't face the time.
So I tried to shout him down, with this big mouth of mine.
So speak no evil, evil will get you in time.

I've been a bad man, but that shouldn't matter with you.
Every time that I've lied, you know I meant to tell the truth.
No matter where I go, no matter what I do or say, somebody goes and tells on me when they ought to back away.

Words thrown out in anger, always come back to harm you.
Once they go, they don't return. Talk's so hard to undo
So speak no evil; evil will come back to you.
Let us speak no evil; evil will come back to you.
Lyrics submitted by John Lyons.