I see it inside your eyes
Feel it in your soul
A part of you is moving on
The other half is gone
I don't know what you want from me
No, you lock it all inside
I try to give you everything, but
There's nothing else I can hide

We've been trying so long
You've been pushing too hard
You should say what's wrong
And never what's right
You need a little space
And I need mine

You and I all alone
It feels so damn crowded
The house we share is not a home
When your inside it
So now I go and grab my things, girl
I must be moving on
I couldn't stand to face you, so
I, I guess that's why I wrote this song

Chorus (x2)

You need a little space
And I need mine
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written by Sonefeld, Jim / Bryan, Mark / Felber, Dean / Rucker, Darius Carlos
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing