Soulja Boy Tellem
by Soulja Boy Tell Em

Wake up out my sleep it's time to start another day
Soulja Boy how many albums did you go and sell today
Boy Tellem
S.Beezy the truth is what i'm tellin
Got this clown dissin me but where is his album sellin
Boy Tellem
I'm doin interviews adressin all these critics tryna under rate me sayin I aint got no lyrics
Boy Tellem
3x platinum yea I broke the record if you cant respect that tell me what is you respectin
Dudes rockin yums fades cuz Soulja Boy Tellem
Blowin off their mysapce page cuz soulja Boy Tellem
Got em yellin out the a cuz
Soulja Boy Tellem [3x]
Reppin S.O.D. MOney Gang cuz Soulja Boy Tellem
The Superman what they crank cuz Soulja Boy Tellem
They got they names on their shades cuz
Soulja Boy Tellem [3x]
Boy Tellem
I spit harder I spit fire
We tell them old washed up rappers to retire
Boy Tellem
Tryna copy my technique on your album
It's time to crank it uup lets turn up the volume
The rap game dont get me started
My lyrics get recycled but yo lyrics just garbage
Boy Tellem
For you to get a hit you need a feature
I'm solo every track still comin out yo speakers
(Chorus 2x)
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