Your down, all the way down
Can't shake the feelin'
You've tried, you learn how to hide
You've got your reasons
I bet your full of regret
Sweet and bitter please consider

Sore eyes what's up with that face
Think we can trace these lines
Back to find
I'm sure you've been here before
Sore eyes such a sight to see
If I could bring that light back to your eyes to stay
What would you say?

(Instead of walkin' away)

No sign of roses or wine
But you've got my attention
No lines I'm all out of rhymes
I just wanna hold ya
I bet I'll make you forget
Love's not bitter reconsider


(Oooo) Wipe away your sore eyes (ooo)
Wipe away your sore eyes (ooo)
You don't have to cry.
Hey there

What would you say? (what would you say)
What would you say? (what would you say)
(What would you say) what do you say?
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