basically i got beef i want to talk to you directly
i cant ignore i cant escape as cause you effect me
you criple me you shackle me you shot at my own children in front of me
this energy is killing me i got to let pour like blood soobax
meelky way dictalagala soobax meekyway batele gala soobax meekyway goutela gala soobax degala soobax degala soobax milkyway dictalagala soobax meekyway batele gala soobax meekiway pourtelegalas soobax

so for real whos to blame we loose lies over the mills name
disregard for the soul we just dont give a fuck no more
left alone all alone settle your issues on your own what to do where to go
i gota be a refugee damn soobax
morgadisho used to be a place where the world would come to see
jeseeda sugum to leada predeglay eo madinay argasa puisaso bardede eos perpara
my skin needs to feel the sand and the sun im tired of the cold god damned soobax
i guess i could use the last part of flow known as the lyrical ryme domino
im sayin it gone work put a hole in itmc like cherio i work for the struggle i dont do it for dope somalia needs gunman right out the door

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