Some Tears Never Dry
by Shayne Ward

some tears never dry

I used to think that we could work it out
I uesd to think that if we
had some problems
I alweys say thought if there was love around
no mtter what, I alwaeys
thought we'll solve it

now every day we're in an argumnt
it's like acircle that don't ever end
we'er secrets and
we're tilling lies
waht evers wrong, lets make it right cause I .....

now what happen tp our movie night?
girl, I thought that we
would alywes have them
I yesd to make u laugh all the time
now I don't ever , we have a problem

lately, u never ask about my day
and on the phon we have nothing
I get thet feeling something's going on
whatever's wrong, lets make it right cause I.......

lets talk about
away that we can work it out
girl,we're running outta time
and the thought of abreak up
is tearing me up inside

we can work it out
If we talk about it
We can show the world
That you and I are fighting for it
We'll get through the worst
And I know we'll make it
If we stay together
We'll make it through a

I don wanna say goodbye
cause my hart couldn't take it
baby, give me one more try
I don wanna have to cry
cause I know if we lose it
baby, some tears never never dry
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