Smoke Dope and Rap
by Dre Dog

I smoke chewy like a mutha fuckin nut i gotta gram bag get the zags and roll her up cause a nigga like me cant fake it when im high get the visene for the tight red eye guys jump in the couplets with the niggas from the set the blunt without but we aint done yet get anoher one blazed like its barbeque beef it aint nothin like a blunt with some funk in your teeth (yeah) im a skinny 6'5 mutha fucka if you didnt know you would thinnk i was a clukka but iom not a clukka im a dodgy and a ducka come a little closer and imma show ya imma punch ya and if i cant beat you imma get my gun and imma fuck you turn you over like a bitch pull out a dick and imma fuck ya and like a fiend for the weed im a tweak fo fifteens in yo trunk thats beef poppa ass amp zapco alpine put the coke on the dash roll a dolla do a line pump barbie "L" maybe 1,2,3 all the funky shit by the I,M,P now im high like a motha fuckin jet fuck a 9 to 5 imma jerko the set slaying these things and fuck these hoes my mind at a time goes up a niggas nose the shit cleans my sinuses just like a shower in to our tide put it in with the powder now im chewy high with a hard ass dick who dare goes my pager, could it be a trick bitch? who is janeen she lick my dick clean come right away and bring a dime bag of weed like a nigga thats sick caught up in the groove the pussy president like a veg stick and move out of that house a quicky new orleans she got mad cause i could've but i didn't bring the weed i did bring the weed but i left it in my cutty you really think i would smoke some dank witch ya dummy no! Dre dog gonna die my nigga Cougnut nigga lets get high he said that i got the drank and you got the dank he said my nigga dre dog first go with the place for me to get high and you to get drunk we smoke we raps in these hoes we fuck
Lyrics submitted by zack.