I got a page, 9-double-1, Mr. Lil' One
Can you come across me, fondle me and floss me
Act like I care, grab you by the hair
Pull a 211 on the clothes that you wear
Got me by the Dickies, watch it with the hickies
Sipping on the Mickey, I know you want to stick me
Giving me a woody, plus the homey Droopy
Is all up in that ass fondling your booty
Never have to fear in us, know about the G in us
Ain't no need trip girl, it can stay between the three of us
Yeah right, all night
Everybody faded, getting X-rated
Pull a triple-X in, everybody sexing
Hanging around with a hoe, not giving a fuck about a weapon
What am I to do, finish up the brew
Wake up in the morning, talk shit about you
That's how you're faking, rules that you're breaking
Never get respect from the friends that you're making
First introduce you, then they seduce you
Then you talk shit how a motherfucker used you

Sip it, slide
Let the Lil' go deep inside
Sip it, slide
Now I know you want to ride
Sip it, slide
Let the Lil' go deep inside
Sip it, slide
Now I know you want to ride

Now fool shut the fuck up, we both know you fucked up
The day that you trusted the bitch that you busted
With your enemy, fool remember me
Every single girl in the world with pretend to be, faithful
But that bitch is ungrateful
Just give her thanks for the fuck and the spanks
Learn from your mistakes even though the heart aches
Rather be alone than rolling with a snake
Look over your shoulder, hanging with a cobra
Then before you know the hoe'll let you know it's over
Hold up responsible, every single obstacle
That you might face, give yourself a little space
Time will reveal, keep your lips sealed
Speaking from the heart, only speak what I feel
Kind of like a wise old man once told me
Didn't even know me, the truth that he showed me
Sitting at the bus stop and we had a talk
Giving tricks to your traps so I never get caught
Never would have known I learned about the greed
I'm harder than a stone bitch, never make me bleed

This is going out to all you bitches
Nut gobbling scumbags
Bitches, that act like hoes
And it's all because you really are hoes
When you're wiggling your ass
And you think we got a future, bitch?
Go home, you're stoned
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written by RZEZNIK, JOHN
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