Sleeping at the Wheel
by Matchbox Twenty

I could be anything
But for the fault that I've acquired on my way
We were the end of it
But now we see the sun shining in our face
We see the sun, shining in our face

[Chorus 1:]
So come on, come on we can be saved
The lives we live, the wars we wage
When everyone just tells us how to feel
We're Sleeping at the wheel

And I,
I would give anything
But for the grace of God I'm here and still aware
We know the end is overrated
We've become the walls we raise
We don't believe enough, but we still cared
We're standing on the edge without a prayer

[Chorus 2:]
So come on, come on It's all we got
Our hands are full, our lives are not
The loose affiliation with the real
We're sleeping at the wheel

All of the time we lost
All of love we gave
And now these hands are tied
I can't help thinkin: I was in a daze, I was loosing my place
I was screaming out at everything
Waiting for the walls to come down
Before my moments start to fade
'Cause everything that's perfect falls away

[Chorus 1:]

We're sleeping at the wheel
Just sleeping at the wheel
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