You smell something

You got that certain thing that can't quite be described
Copied all over the world it can't be denied
And when you walk into a room
The brothers be slippin all about their swerve
Incredible woman, you're still my girl
Sista, you know you got a friend in me
Sista, we're sharing the power of femininity

You brought my spirits up when everything was low
Helped me to heal my heart and continute to grow
And now I'm feeling so much better that I can do anything that I chose
With you in my corner I just can't lose
Sista, I'm giving you my heart and soul
Sista, because it was you who helped to make me bold

You don't know what you mean to me
You're the light of my life
Strength in my fight
The stand in my feet

I sure do like the way you are
Auntie momma grandma daughter
Believe me when I tell you that you

Sista, you know you got a friend in me
Sista, I'm giving you props respect and dignity
Lyrics submitted by Jeannette.