Show No Love
by Lil' Boosie

I send this out to the dopemane
yeah we miss em bumpin this in federal prison
I got no love for these woman
these hoe's will set you up
get mad and let they closest kid wet ya up
family, family and family but they play some games too
love a four letter word
but i mean it when i say it you hear
i'm from that dirty dirty south
and i mean this
right or wrong i got ya back
southside jamaican queen shit
real love is when he give you he's last
real love is something most never had
mane i learned from these streets
and how these pussy niggaz do
finding out that from day one
niggas can turn bitch too
it's a shame how the game changes
it ain't no love in the streets or in the chain game
looking for love?
you gone fall trying to maintain
so play for keeps
keep it street and do yo own thang

it ain't no love (no)
it ain't no love (no)
it ain't no love in the city of thugs 2x
show no love
love will get you killed boy(3x)

yeah, show no love
love will get you killed boy
schemin on my team but they know how i'm built
and i can't even trust my ten-fo
boy i stay with the ten
cuz it ain't a thang to get slow
g's coming home on that dumb shit
and them youngboys got the k's with them drums kid
you see me riding with boosie do it big and boosianna
my man L got twelve
he didn't even see he's grandma
she past while he doing time up in prison
and he's younger brother got a gun
living like he living
i roled a kush and i lean back
i don't trust a goofy bitch
and i don't trust a silly hoodrat
i swear they have my phone tapped
they listening to my conversation
and all these swag haters keep on playa hatin
jesus christ
he even had playa hatas
but ima shine like him and make?

Lyrics submitted by renzo.