Well, it's a shin-kick morning
Gotta kickstart the day
Wind up my machine and I'll be on my way.

Well, a burning fever
Woke me up at dawn
I didn't have no choice, I had to carry on.

Well, my engine's overheating
And I'm running out of gas
I only got the two speeds and it's slow and fast.

Well, I got to find a town that's got some action
Got to find a place stays open late
Right away.

C.C. Mama
Motorcycle queen
I'm gonna catch up with you with my lightning wheels.

It's cold black coffee
Eggs and grease
Stop in at the truckstop, I don't want to sleep.

Well, it's a shin-kick morning
I'm gonna turn up the heat
I'm racing all the truckers and I got them beat
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