She's Killing Me
by A Rocket to the Moon

All my friends are coming over
And I hope nobody told her
She has a way of turning sunshine into rain
I got on that shirt she hates
I just know that face she'll make
Even though it hurts, she's my favorite pain

She never drives her car
She drives me crazy
She runs out of gas
And somehow I'm to blame

I'll take her out
And drop her off
On the outskirts of our town
I'd leave a trail of roses
that lead back home
(so come back home)
she'll pick a fight for no good reason
She knows I'll never leave
i love her half to death
but she's killing me

All my friends they say they like her
but I know behind my back
They all think the same things that I do

She spends her daddy's credit card
And says I'm the one who's lazy
She's like a dream and a nightmare coming true


And I wouldn't have it any other way
She can change her clothes
She can change her hair
But she'll always be the same

So I went out and bought her roses
She complained about the thorns
I caught her smiling and that's what I do it for

(chorus X2)
She's killing me oh oh
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