She Said, I Said (Time We Let Go) [Acappella]
by NLT

[verse 1]
Don't know where to start,
Somethin ain't goin right,
Feel it in my soul as i try,
o baby,
try to keep you,
Satisfied, please don't cry.
I just think we both need time,
i just feel that we arent in the same room,
we're living 2 worlds apart,
and it's causin to much pain!

(she said) baby can u please just stay,
it ain't to late to work this thing out.
(i said) girl this ain't easy for me,
at least the truth is comin out,
(she said) y can't we make up like the last time?
i'm just afraid to hear u say "go"!
(i said) baby i'm sorry but,
i think its time we let go!
Baby don't leave x3
tell me u'll stay,
can u stay x2

[verse 2]
c those teardrops,
falling from ur eyes,
that don't chang my mind,
o baby,
please don't make things,
more difficult then they gotta be,
i can't take no more,
and it's killin me!
everytime i look at u,
i c more reasons for me to leave u,
n it's causin me to much pain,

[chorus 2]

i think its time we let goooooooooooooo
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