Sexy Ladies
by Ray J

Sexy ladies, sexy ladies
Sexy ladies, sexy ladies
The way you're walkin' in those high heals
Girl you look so sexy
Sexy ladies, sexy ladies
Everywhere you go you're VIP
Girl you look so sexy
Sexy ladies, sexy ladies

It don't matter what she wears
She could make anything look name brand
She could make an almost married man
Think about changin' plans (ah, ah)

It don't matter what she wear, my gorgeous
She could make cloudy storms look flawless
Why so gold?
Make it rain in August
She outta control
Press play, then pause it (ah)
She ain't a rookie to the game
She could make a little change
Look like Vera Wang
So if you're game, pick the range of couth
Tell all the sexy ladies come hang with Truth (yeah)


I noticed she was sexy
Cause she's an independent woman
She used to drive a Toyota
Now she's in the doodle drop top Phantom (ah, ah)

She's so sexy
I swear this no lie
She got swag, got cash, she's so fly
She came in with no man, I don't know why
Cause by the end of the night
You know she guard out
So I look her in the eyes
Tell her I could have a peek and hide in the skies
Yes she might be fun, but she a freak under the skies
When it's dark she could light up the night
She's so sexy


(Sexy ladies) [background x8]
Girl you light up the night
Girl you're lookin' so right (so right, yeah, so nice)
And in the middle of the day (the middle of the day)
What more can I say? (What more can I say?)
You're sexy (you're so sexy)
All day (all day)
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