Sex Me, Pts. 1-2
by R. Kelly

Yeah 1993
Check this freaky style

I feel so freaky tonight
And I need someone to make me feel alright
So bring your body here baby
Lady have no fear
I'm gonna fulfill your fantasies
Just as long as you

Sex me baby
Come on, come on, come on, come on

Sex me, baby baby, sex me
Sex me, baby baby, sex me

Come over here and let me take off your clothes
Things I wanna do to you, nobody has to know, no baby
So lay your body right here
Lady have no fair
Cause ecstasy is near

Any unexpected position
Bring it on
Any secret fantasy
Baby, I'll fulfill as long as you sex me


Now let me feel your body next to mine
Cause girl I wanna see you sweat
Oh, you're so very wet, baby
Now put me inside of you
Do what you wanna do
Cause you got a need for me
And I got a need for you

Anything unexpected
Any unexpected position, baby
Bring it on
Any secret fantasy
You see I will fulfill as long as you sex me


Let me kiss you in the right place
So I can see, 'sex me baby' ,written on your face
Slow baby, slow baby, steady as we go
Up and down to a 69 temple
Yeah, now through your body all around
And let me hear you make the 'oh ah' sound
Cause I'm your lover man
So call your other man, and say you've found another man

[Chorus: Repeats]
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written by KELLY, ROBERT S.
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