Settle Down Wit
by Lil' Boosie

say girl i wanna touch ya
but first of all i wanna know can lil boosie trust ya
its thug love to the fullest you aint got no busta
so lay back and let me tell you somethin (for real)

(say girl) need somebody to settle down wit (yea, yea)
since the first time i met cha i could see it in ya eyes
ya scared that im gone hurt cha
scared im gonna make ya cry
you know im thugged out when you listen to my rhymes (look here)
temperature rising, goddam girl you fine (whoo)
her lips like clips, that go in a nine
her lips like eve, they hard to find
she godda pretty pretty face, with a georgeous behind
look like a horse from behind
and when she walkin she shines
but on the otha hand
tell yo otha man
to sit his broke ass down, you godda hustla man
i need a woman, to show me some effection
need a good conversation
when a these niggas b hatin, need somebody to settle down wit

i...need...sombodddy (need somebody to settle down wit) 4x

now first of all
the worst of all
aint even happen girl
its time to play pin-pong, come grab this paddle girl
since i done hit it up, her mind up in another world
i heard ya in the bathroom
you had to call ya girl
so i called webbie
webbie she was fire
her body had no marks like some brand new tires
she woke up in my arms
i took her to the mall
spent a g on her some glasses (fuck it)
and showed her how i ball
girl you can have it all
i aint got no wife
yea i got a baby momma, let that go iight
so whats the deal for tonight
we fuckin or what
im still having wet dreams of her catching a nut
she make my pressure go up, when she get on top of me
she make a nigga skeet
den go fix me sumn' to eat (whoa)

i...need...somboddy (need somebody to settle down wit) 4x

now imma keep it real i need somebody
to really feel my pain and really know how to treat somebody
i need a woman with a mind
she can put it on my mind
candle light dinner
while we drank exspensive whine
she aint godda b a dime but she godda b a nine
she aint godda come right then
but she always right on time (huh bruh)
she took that ride to the pin sunday
and every monday commissary it was comin (look)
now thats ya woman
dem otha hoes they was jockin on dem 24's
now you caint even get a letter
aint this world cold
ya girl know when you was cheatin you caint hide from her
plus she cared for yo child like it came out of her
imma tell you like it is
we got some real woman
whor ready to settle down
is you ready nigga
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