Say That We're Sweethearts Again [From Meet the People]
by Virginia O'Brien

Life used to be a gay thing,
A filled with happiness night and day thing.
It was something to have and to hold
But it seems that your love's grown cold.

I never knew that our romance had ended
until you poisoned my food.
And I thought it was a lark
when you kicked me in the park
but now I think it was rude.

I never knew that you and I were finished
until that bottle hit my head.
Though I tried to be aloof
when you pushed me off the roof
I feel our romance is dead.

It wouldn't have been so bad if you'd told me
if you'd told me that somebody somewhere had taken my place (huh!)
But you, you didn't even scold me
you just tried to disfigure my face.

You'll never know how this heart of mine is breaking.
It looks so hopeless, but then
Life used to be classic.
Won't you please put back that acid
and say we're sweethearts again.

Do you remember that night in bridgeport
When you looked at me and I looked at you
and you didn't know what to do
so you broke my leg?
I thought there was a funny look in your eye
but then you smiled, and it made everything alright.
Then there was that time we went canoeing
and you set fire to my dress.
You said you pushed me overboard to put out the flames
but I could never quite understand why you held my head under so long!
Now, I haven't met this this girl who's taken my place
but I want you to know I wish you all the luck in the world
and if there's anything I can do
anything at all
you can reach me in room 304 of the General Hospital.
Farewell, my sweet.

You'll never know how this heart of mine is breaking.
It seems so hopeless, but then
our love is great, no love can match it,
won't you please put down that hatchet
and say we're sweethearts again.
Lyrics submitted by Linnea Rogers.