Go girl
Its ya birthday
Open wide
I kno ya thirsty
Say aah,aah,aah
Say aah,aah,aah
And we dont buy no drinks at da bar
We pop champagne cuz we got dat doe
Lemme hear u say aah,aah,aah
If u want me say aah,aah,aah

{Trey Songz}
Pocket full of money
Club dont jump until i walk in side the door
Throwing bottles of dat rose'
Smelling like dolce and gabana
Shawty u da baddest and 2 meet u is a honor, little mama
I got a table waiting
Wat u think about convo
And if u like it baby we can take it 2 da condo
And if u like da condo we can move da party 2 da bedroom
Imma beat ya body like a congo
Since we in da club for now
Mine as well get another round
Noticed aint nothing in ya cup
So give hear baby lemme fill it up


{Trey Songz}
Shawty dance like a video vixen
Said her man be on dat bull sh-t pimpin
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