Saratoga Summer Song
by Kate & Anna McGarrigle

We were nice young adults
We proved ourselves, we showed results
Like cats and dogs who'd undergone a fix
Fashionably cynical
And love to us was clinical
Long ago we gave up getting our kicks

But the summer sun came down on all
And it was fun to feel and fun to fall
Into a sloppy teenage scene
Gossiping and having crushes
Dimming lights to hide our blushes
My God, I thought I was sixteen

All those happy hours
Turn the green buds into flowers

This crazy summer is over
No more bees, no more clover
And the rope at the swimming hole swings by the weight of the wind
Skidmore girls come back to town
All the freaks head underground
And we who are free swing like the rope from that tree

We danced and played some tennis
Made love with Fred our dentist
We drank lots of beer and ate a whole lot of food
We put our bodies to the sun
Forgot to see in everyone
We swam dressed and we swam nude

And the New York City Ballet dancers
Danced for all the neighborhood cancers
Celebrating their birthdays in the sun
And all that sun brought dope and lust
We weren't too smart, we had a bust
But nobody slept alone

Nighttime into day
Summer went away

This crazy summer is past now
Sunrise to sunset is fading fast now
And all I want is to see the rope on that tree
So bring back the bagels, bring back the lox
Let's have another vernal equinox
Bring back the laughs, bring back the tears,
Bring back the beers, bring back the dope and the rope.
Lyrics submitted by Devlin Shand.