Sabbra Cadabra
by Black Sabbath

Feels so good,
Feels so fine,
Lovely little lady always on my mind,
Gives me loving every night and day,
Never gonna leave and never going away,
Someone to love me,
You know she makes me feel alright!
Someone to need me,
Love me every single night!

Feel so happy since i met that girl,
When we're making love, its something out of this world,
Feels so good to know that she's all mine,
Gonna love the woman to the end of time,
Someone to live for,
Love me till the end of time!
Makes me feel happy,
Good to know that she's all mine.

Lonely life, yeah,
Making love all night long,
Oh lonely life, yeah,
Never do me wrong.


I don't want to ever leave you,
I'd never want to leave you,
No more,
Lonely life, yeah,
Mystifying eyes,
Lonely life, yeah,
They don't tell me no lies,
I know I'll never leave you,
I'm never gonna leave you,
I said no more,
I said no more,
Yeah, Alright now, yeah,
Oh yeah,
I said no more, no more,
I said no more, no more,
I said no more,

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