Roll Me Up Some Weed
by Juicy J

[Verse 1]

I'm flying a, yellow charger with yellow diamonds on my neck,
Put some new shoes on that bitch, I run that bitch
Blowing smoke freely, I'm legally medicated,
Smoking weed daily, broke niggas hating
I love white pussy, my dick ain't racist
I love getting head, my dick love faces
Fuck (?)
Say thanks for your service, I roll a blunt and I dip

Roll me up some weed
Roll me up some weed
Before you hit your knees bitch
Roll me up some weed (x4)

[Verse 2]
Everyday I'm trippy
Lit up like my city
Always tryna get my freak on, missy
Refrigerator stocked with Ciroc,
Juicy J always drunk, physics
I got a date with Kelly Green and 420,
And I'ma smoke until the day life stop comin
I stay winning, but my life ain't like Charlie,
Its like Bob Marley

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