Right Next to Me
by Whistle

Goodbye, it's time for me to go
I'll call you in the morning
So I can let you know
The way I really feel girl

To put your mind at ease
If I don't then who will
If I make it, I still
Want you to be there with me

You say you love and then you learn
If you've learned to love me baby
You'll wait 'til I return
I know it hasn't been easy

To love a man like me
Some day, if we try
There will be no goodbye
And we will live happily, 'cause

I'll be there one day
And you will be right next to me
I'll be there one day
And you will be right next to me

Hey there
Will you be where I am
Will you be by my side girl
Or with another man
{Will you be next to me}

Just wait a little longer
Girl I don't know how long
Just try to understand
This is not what I planned

I'm sorry this had to be
Girl, oh girl every man needs a woman
You're the woman that I choose
And I can't afford to lose you baby


I swear to the world
You'll always be my girl
Just say you'll be
Right next to me
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