by Alborosie

One blood!
Respect yourself and love yourself one blood
Respect yourself and love yourself one love
Respect yourself and love yourself true love
Respect yourself and love yourself real love

Come fi get bored di teaching, and promote di bleaching
Show down my tips just fi get rich like Lee jean
Violence style kicking, anything legit
Hiff and corruption ina di juice dem get looting
triple six ligit, hell is da limit
nuff ah dem a demon and that is not secret
Dem ah different species, mi feel it, I mean it
Dem kill off di youth dem for peanuts I've seen it


Juvenile competition, jealousy and collision
To all di boys and girls I see a lack of ambition
I don't see religion, I don't see condition
Divided we fall youth make a decision!
Stick to your culture and keep your traditions
Check where yuh going and check out your mission
Sign my petition, no more division
See better must come, this is just a transition


If you don't love yourself, no one will love you
So we all have to respect our self

I see young stars keep falling, mama keep calling
From so many yesterday there is no returning
My eyes are burning, they've seen and their hurting
I see many young stars who don't make it till ah morning

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