Red Nose
by Tech N9ne

Man I ain't about to pay 20 thousand dollas for no god damn DJ to play my mothafuckin' song nigga you why did you play it? You know I've always been like a humble dude but... I've come to the reliz realization that... and ima say this and the first time I've ever said this on camera and ima give it to yall first cause i'm truly on fuck everybody type shit right now (well make sure I get to plug in)... ima say... no one can beat us makin music man... when i say fuck you nigga you know what i'm sayin these mothafuckas sayin...

That's wierd people act a different way with me
I feel like nobody wanna play with me
And that's ill cause they treat me like a stain on they clothes
The industry are my foes they treat me like I got a red nose
Red nose...
They put me down and treat me like I got a red nose
Red nose... red nose...
Don't make me clown and have to go put on my red nose.

Verse One
I got my face painted crazed ain't it
That a black dude lookin like he got a white tattoo
People thinkin that he way tainted
By evil, treat u like fecal wanna beef you when they meet you
People percieve you to be lethal
When you ain't see through like tissue (grunt)
I feel like the industry gettin me with this stupidity
willing to distribute these fictious sissies when i rip
it so serious and wickedly, no forgiving thee
when im claimin Strange, everyone tellin me im
a sane Ward Bane, im a independent talented
individual workin, but the industry is the reindeer game,
and they call me rudolph the red,
they know im rippin the the mic when i chew off the head,
spit it at the PD's & DJ's & VD's & TV"s
you thinkin that u got threw off the ledge,
if u tough me snuff me, homie trust me nothin,
its worse then knowing your beautiful,
but your treated like an ugly duckling,
so im Rocky Dennis, but im so polished nothin can stop me in this,
battlin the planet does not replenish,
the fakes who immitate and mock me finish, (grunt)
We checked the Mill, yes its real,
through Strange i dont need your major record deal


Verse Two
They tend to stray away from me because im different,
And its been this way with me ever since i was an infant,
All the kids were jealous, they said the look off my eyes seemed hellish,
Never knowin later in life i would rellish,
the thought of me ballin, livin my life, and sell it, (grunt)
I blame it on program directors, go and request us,
no damn selector, but if u gotta lotta
dough man they bless ya, shit can depress ya
when ya knowin that there aint no one betta mane,
stuck off in the cold, when the bad weather came,
now they gotta see me livin it up through the cheddar gain,
commin from a pain, to another reign,
so i throw up the finger, to everbody who got a tow up demeanor,
thinkin that tech nina was sho nuff a dreamer,
but the flows so heavy it could show up Katrina
now its time to face, and you all must face it,
tech nina is sacred, all you hatin faggots couldnt see me with lasik,
Red nose, the leader so follow,
you gotta be ready to get up and go ii the motto,
runnin through everything negative bravo,
the monetythats commin to me feel like i won the lotto, (grunt)
Now im about to put the sleigh on auto,
swoop down on the DJ, tell him to quit the replay,
neva put tech nina in the Sarato

Part of chorus

Its wierd people act a different way with me,
I feel like nobody wanna play wit me,
And thats ill cause they treat me like a stain on they clothes,
the industry are my foes they treat me like i got a Red nose... red nose
they put me down and treat me like i got a red nose

Verse Three
Im commin and drivin my short bus,
with this nose i dont need a torcha,
bustin through like the industries porsha,
commin after who didnt support us,
rip down its bleachers, i blew up cause my sound is ether,
underground, ive been found this creature,
not scared of a nigga with clownish features, (grunt)
im makin a name outside your mainstream
real, it wasnt an insane dream,
from the beginning i really came clean,
you about to see Strange gleam, takin over in gangreen,
Strange Muzic and RBC, alone with Funterror,
we gonna change things,
Now its not funny cause with the money i can fly away,
Why do they do me wrong, my musics truly strong,
Because im different all you cowards wanna see me gone,
This is the Strange year, world wide fames near,
But the games quire, sometimes i feel like im rudolph the reindeer,
And the music they said blows, is on top of the Craig Grove,
Yall gonna have to open the doo for the bro with the red nose.

Lyrics submitted by Joseph.