Raining on Sunday [Radio Edit]
by Keith Urban

It ticks just like a Timex, it never lets up on you,
Who says life is easy, the job is never through,
It'll run us till we're ragged, it'll harden our hearts,
And love could use a day of rest before we both start fallin' apart

And pray that it's rainin' on Sunday,
Stormin' like crazy,
We'll hide under the covers all afternoon
And baby whatever comes on Monday can take care of itself
Cause we've got better things that we can do
When it's rainin' on Sunday

Your love is like religion, across in Mexico
And your kiss is like the innocence of a prayer nailed to a door
Oh surrender is much sweeter, when we both let it go
Let the waters wash our bodies clean and water wash our souls


When it's rainin' on Sunday
When it's rainin' on Sunday
Let it rain!
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written by Brown, Darrell R / Foster, Radney
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