Quiet Mind
by Blue October

The slow strangle
with your feet on the floor.
I've got fourteen angels
and were sleeping alone,
in the back of a cave
where the rest of us go
to feel normal.

I call baby up
leave me alone,
I'm in pain but I won't let you band-aid my wound.
I am mad and at a stage where I can't seem to handle my own.
Can't even handle my...

Give me a quiet mind,
and I,
I love you.
And give me a quiet mind,
and I,
I love you.
Until the end.
Until the end.

Give me strength,
to be kind,
to combine all the good things in life,
that are so hard to find,
but I have and I won't let them go,
like I do with my friends.
My friends.
Still hearing voices,
from far far behind,
they're the reason I choose when to live,
how to die.
When to cast,
when to reel,
when to fight,
when to steal,
and when to fend for the friends who taught you being innappropiate will.

[Chorus] x2

You give me, you give me, you give me... And I, I love you...
Until the end...
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