I've got things that mske me feel unordinary, not necessarily in need of therapy
And I know things have been slipping. Loosening my grip,
How much closer until I'm bound to hit the ground
Sound the alarm, but remain calm, my time is drawn, never meant to cause anyone no harm
This time things will be different.
I promise, I really promise.
And this time things will be different. It grows, and grows and grows.
Cause it's the way we talk, the way we walk, the way your words connect my thoughts
The way we move, the way we stand, the way our world is in your hands.
My life is just like a prison, we shout but no one listens
We're set, all in position.
Use us, take us,
Break us!

Questions, running through my mind
I'm falling behind
I never would have guessed! That this could've happened to me
This frusterathion is all I see. And you're taking me. And you're breaking me

It's coming tothat point. I'm down on my knees.
I'm praying, You can change my life and change me.
I'll follow You there, I've got nothing to lose.
Unwind me,
heal my sickness, unravel this, and set me free!