P***y A** N***A
by Lil' Boosie

Bitch we out chea
all the way the dummy way
all the way one hunnid wit it
five one slash fithyy
bitch we out chea
all the way the dummy way
all the way one hunnid wit it
five one slash fithyy
bitch we out chea
all the way the dummy way
all the way one hunnid wit it
five one slash fithyy
51/50 51/50 we out chea
51/50 51/50 we out chea

[Verse 1]
Na aint i, aint i, aint i out chea
five one five Oh
all the way the dummy way
fuck wit me die slow
sold my first rock in 96 went of the porch
daddy gone neva comin home
dis all i know
so im headed out the door
strapped up ready to roll
dickies cuffed up bucked up off that henny, and X, so
wit that liquor in me
ill go do the shit myself
fuck the consequences
have all you niggas jumpin fences
so and you see i been dumb
reppin where im from
when i drop it niggas come
boss mane chop done
after dark its Jurassic park
with lots of rappers tryna eatcha for the green leaves
we all G's
main mane in the grave behind some fuckin bull shit
so when its time to bust them K's
I dont bull shit
outta here
dead meat
fuck you and yo whole street
I roll wit you, you roll wit me
thats how it pose to be, we gangsta


[Verse 2]
Look its gudda wit me
aint no wrestlin or no tusslin wit me
its straight bustin wit me
look as a pee-on
i been known to get it on
ran with the straight cut throaters
niggas wit no hope-a
the street life is all i know
its all i live
so yo best bet respect the kid
51/50 i mean that
it happen nigga i seen that
supply my own smoke
neva askin where the green at

[Lil Quik]
Now uh oh here come that boy Quik
that nigga he a savage
he toat two glocks under her shirt just in case it get drafty
head first 51/50 i aint got no mind
hopped off the porch at 8 or 9 and start slangin iron
51/50 51/50 we outchea like the lines in the street
no stuntin wit it we comin wit it we let em spark wen its been
no time for playin games
run wit a bunch of killers who certified and well trained


[Verse 3]
[Money Bagz]
Bitch im outchea
all the way the dummy way
hustlin and runnin in broad day nigga
play you late
all the way one hunnid
since 99 i cut my time
its ENT this shit street at the same time we wise guys
51/50 shit get wicked in my city
pistol grippin and dickies
nigga play nigga get it
i dont talk i walk it out so you gone see me for you hear me
X and hen in my system bout to fuck over a nigga

Bitch we outchea
in the streets
everywhere like burnt CD's
Barber shops, BBQ's
(RRRRR) who gone ride for you
droppin fools
one by one
two by two
three by three
Rest in piss
we dat
bout gangsta shit
play now cry later mane
feed ya to the gators mane
tryna send a message thats why i got that Fuck You Haters chain
sense 10 i been a beast
aint hard to find im in the street
Pocket monster in the club
Murk yo ass instantly

Lyrics submitted by Demetrio Hall.