by Melanie

Oh mine eyes have seen the glory of the theories of Freud,
He has taught me all the evils that my ego must avoid.
Repression of the impulses resulting paranoid
As the id goes marching on.

Glory glory psychotherapy, glory glory sexuality,
Glory glory now we can be free as the id goes marching on

There was a man who thought his friends to him were all superior
And this complex he imagined made life drearier and drearier
Till his analyst assured him that he really was inferior
As the id goes marching on.


Do you drown your superego in a flood of alcohol, or something else,
And go running after women till you're just about to fall.
You may think you're having fun but you're not having fun at all
As the id goes marching on.


Oh sad is the masochism, the vagaries of sex
Have turned half the population into total nervous wrecks.
But your analyst will cure you, long as you can pay the checks
As the id goes marching on.


Is your body plagued by aches and pains that you can't understand
Compound fractures ingrown toenails, floating kidneys, trembling hands,
There's a secret to your trouble: you're in love with your old man
As the id goes marching on.


Freud's mystic world of meaning needn't have us mystified
It's really very simple what the psyche tries
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written by MELANIE SAFKA