Proud of Your Boy [From Aladdin]
by Disney

Proud of your boy
I'll make you proud of your boy
Believe me, bad as I've been, Ma
You're in for a pleasant surprise

I've wasted time
And I've wasted me
So say I'm slow for my age, a late bloomer
Okay, I agree

That I've been one rotten kid
Some son, some pride and some joy
But I'll get over these lousin' up, messin' up
Screwin' up times

You see, Ma, now comes a better part
Someone's gonna make good, cross his stupid heart
Make good and finally make you
Proud of your boy

Tell me that I've been a louse and a loafer
You won't get a fight here, no ma'am
Say I'm a goldbrick, a goof-off, no good
Well that couldn't be all that I am

Water flows under the bridge
Let it pass, let it flow
There's no good reason for you to believe me
Not yet, I know

But someday and soon
I'll make you proud of your boy
Though I can't make myself taller
Or smarter or handsome or wise

I'll do my best, what else can I do?
Since I wasn't born perfect like Dad or you
Ma, I will try to, try so hard to make you
Proud of your boy
Lyrics submitted by Teresa.