Verse 1
There is no place, where you are not there
I’ll never drift from your love and care
There’s not a thing about me that you don’t know
The wings of the morning will take me to you
The blackness of night your light will shine through
You’re already there no matter where I may go

Verse 2
Even before I came to
Your loving eyes were looking at me
You're even closer than the very breath I take
Mother and Father, more than a friend to me
Beginning and ending and living a life to me
The song I find myself singing when I awake

So, I will praise you
Lord, I praise you
Now, I praise you
For bearing me up and giving me wings
For lifting my sights to heavenly things
For being the song I can’t help but sing
Praise you

Verse 3
Look at me Lord I’m open to you
Do anything that you want to do
You know me even better than I know myself
I’ll not be afraid of what you can see
For you know the person inside of me
I won’t even try to hide what you know so well

Verse 4
Lord just be patient with my mistakes
I want to be yours whatever it takes
I’ve learned that life without you is no life at all
Failures and talents, schemes I bring to you
Aspirations and dreams I sing to you
I’ll just be here, ready whenever you call


Praise you (x3)
Lyrics submitted by Kimmer.