You know there's something sadly lacking
In her lady like cliche'
As she looks down on the traffic
In her thin negligee'

Mixing lightly hearted cocktails
With some handed heavy talk,
She's a sparkling Pink Lady,
With a snake charmer's walk

She's so helpless....
Ooo, ooo, she's selfish,
Ooo, ooo, she's selfish.

Romance is her religion,
She's been worshipping so long,
Her love is like makeup,
She know's so well how to put it on.

And she's got to come on helpless,
To get any help,
You know a Pink Lady,
Ain't supposed to know,

How to defend herself
Ooo, ooo, she's so helpless....
Ooo, ooo, she's selfish.

She's got abowl of wax bananas,
And they're never gonna get ripe,
She's got a new teakwood stereo,
'Cause she's the stereo type.

She's got a glittering palm tree shirt
Cowboy shirt boyfriend -
In the palm of her hand.
And don't she talk that secret language,
Only playgirls understand?

She's so helpless....
Ooo, ooo, she's so selfish....
She's so selfish.

So it's goodbye Pink Lady,
Run to catch that waiting cab,
If you never see her real life,
Life will never be drab.

You've got theatre tickets
To the latest broadway show,
It's called "Pink Ladies, Guys And Dolls,
And A Fast Fading Rose."

Fading Rose,
Ooo, ooo, she's fading....
Ooo, ooo, Pink La a a a dy.....
She's fading.
Lyrics submitted by Llewellyn.