Perdoname Jefita
by MC Blvd

Perdoname Perdoname
Mi Jefita

Kickin Back Kickin Back
Thinking Bout Those Old School Days
When I Was A Chavalio With My Gang Related Ways
My Jefa Is In My Face Will I Ever Change
Im Only 10 Years Old & Im Acting Hella Strange
Running The Calles Late At Night
Selling Yesca En La Esqina
Hiding From My Carnalia So She Wont Tell My Jefia
Kickin It Through The Barrio Cuz The Barrio Is My Fam Bam
Grew Up On The Calles All I Know Is How To Gang Bang
Through The Callejones De Cavrones Spray Painting The Barrio
A Placaso A Putaso If You Cross It Out
Cuz Aint No Doubt That Your Down When Your In The Crowd
Now Its My Jefita Whom I Think About

Mi Jefita Perdoname

Querida Madre I Sit Here Y Me Pongo Ha Piensar
Of All The Divious Things That I Shouldnt Have Done
Of All The Times That I Yelled & Yelled & Rebeled
Im Paying Back Here Alone In My 8 by 10 Cell
How Could I Been Homie Such A Burden To Her
I Should Of Loved Her & Offered Her The World To Her
Its To Late & All I Do Is Ask For Your Forgiveness
Jefita I Cry Out For You In This Wilderness
Me Despierto Unas Noches Sweating Like A Perro
No Quiero Dormir Y Tengo Mucho Miedo
Estoy Soñando Unas Nightmares
A Damn Nightmare Of You Passing Away & i Wasnt There
I Wasnt There To Say I Love You So Much
I Wasnt There To See You Cry Or To Feel Your Healing Touch
Jefita Mia They Say A Man Aint A Man
Until He Realize His Wrongs & I Do So I Am
I Know You Gave Me Life From God Up Above
The Only Woman In This World With Unconditional Love For Me

Mi Jefita Perdoname

Mother In Heaven Hope Your Listening To Me
I Didnt Say Sorry Now Your Resting In Peace
I Put You Through Hell & You Visited Me In Jail
Now When I Have a Problem Whom I Gunna Tell
I Have To Cry & I Have To Ask Why
8 Months After Payrolling Whyd You Have To Die
I Look Up To The Sky & I Think Of You
Cuz Every Day That Passes By Mother I Miss You
Cuz A Woman Like A Mother Ther Will Be No Other
I Just Hope Your Up In Heaven With My Father & Brother
Im Sorry Moms For My Insane Life
I Wish You Would Have Seen Me Singing When You Were Alive

I Know Mother
All The Pain Iv Caused You
& All The Tears That Iv Made You Share But
I Ask You & God For Forgiveness Tonight Before I Go To Bed
Perdoname Jefita

Mi Jefita Perdoname
Lyrics submitted by Nikkie.