Pee Wee and Fern
by Claire Lynch

Born Melvin Vernon in depression days
Not enough to eat so he was small for his age
He always said that he could not be tamed
I’ll do big things just the same, if Pee Wee is my name

Fern was workin’ in a restaurant
Pee Wee said the coffee’s not so hot
She just looked at him so unconcerned
But the whole world seemed to turn when Pee Wee looked at Fern

And it’s another great American love story
This time is just happened in Missouri
Two common people with an uncommon love
Scholars and the poets could learn from Pee Wee and Fern

The saved their money and the made their way
They made an Eden out of dirt and clay
They worked the crops and raised a family
And in Missouri love still burns for Pee Wee and Fern

Yes the scholars and the poets they could learn
Lyrics submitted by Patricia Queen.