Peace Is Free
by Black Stone Cherry

Everybody feels blue sometimes
You gotta keep your own head on
And keep on trying
And if you feel the urge to raise your hand
You can start a revolution or start a band

You better sing your song and sing it loud!
But you better not here and you better do now!
Cause this is what you'll like that and how we live
There's some people cause that is what my song says!

Don't you bring your sadness down on me
When peace is free!
There's a sun up ahead brother
Waiting on me, can't you see?

Well I know times can get a little though
You gotta lean on me brother you can't give up
Forget about your problems and forget about your pain
Raise up our glasses and forget about our hate


Yeah know I know it sounds so bad!
But if you want it, take a stand yeah!


Can't the whole world love one another,
Throw down your weapon and fix all the hunger?

Don't you bring your sadness down on me!
When peace is free! When peace is free
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