Parting Time
by Erik Santos

I remember the days
When you here with me
Those laughter and tears
We shared for years
Mem’ries that we had
For so long it’s me and you
Now you're gone away
You left me all alone
Go on
Do what you want
But please don't leave me
You’ll break my heart
Hey, what should I do?
Babe, I’m missin' you
Please don't disappear
These are the words that you should hear
Time and time again
I wish that,
You were here!!!
I don't wanna lose you
I need you back to me
I don't wanna lose you
Baby can’t you see
Oh, I need you
You’ve been a part of me
I wish someday
You’ll be back home!
'cause I really miss you
Please come home...

I wish someday you'll be back home
'cause I really miss you darling!!!
Please come home
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