Paper Thin
by Del Amitri

He was a self made man
Made a killing on copper mine
Loved beautiful girls
Got a taste for fancy wine
And the suits he wore
Were paper thin

He built a big white house
In the valley of the kings
Took a beautiful wife
Bought her every possible thing
And the silk she wore
Was paper thin

Well they traveled in style
Paid cash for everything
Had a beautiful child
Had a champagne christening
But as they raised their glasses in toast to him
He saw the crystal was paper thin

So shadows came
Whispering words to him
Sold the company out
And cashed all those futures in
But it all still looked so
Paper thin

Well it was late one night
And the rain was streamin' down
He called his wife's name out
And said honey it's over now
I'm gonna burn it all
I can't take this anymore
But as he struck the match
She took a pistol from the drawer
She said I ain't going down with you
Pulled the trigger in
And the bullet it passed right through
Like he was paper thin
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