Outlaws Like Us
by Travis Tritt

I was born a country singer
I love Charley Pride
Raised on "He stopped loving her..."
Cut my teeth on "Mama tried..."
Yes I love Hank Williams
But I still love rock-and-roll
Hank Jr., me and Waylon
We're all cut from the same mold
And they say country's changing
And we must all adjust
But I still think there's lots of room
For old outlaws like us

I love to jam with the Skynyrd band
'Cause "Freebird" chills my bones
And I've talked trash with Johnny Cash
And I've sung with George Jones
And I have played on the Opry stage
Where the country legends stood
Where you don't give lies and alibis
'Cause that don't do no good
And Lord I guess that I've been blessed
Though I've been kicked and cussed
But it's nothing new to moan the blues
For old outlaws like us

And I wear this country banner
And I'm proud to wave the flag
And you can talk all day 'bout the next Billy Ray
But I'll cast my vote for Hag
And when all those screaming metal bands
Have corroded into rust
There'll still be a show on Music Row
For old outlaws like us
Lyrics submitted by Debbie.