Out of My Reach [#]
by The Temprees

when your in a crowd, your talkin loud. treating me mean, every chance you get. to the other people, it must seem, you dont want me around, girl i must confess yea yea. still i tried to be who you want me to be umhmm. bein your fool has become a part me oh.

you always keep your love...just outta my reach. outta my reach.
you always keep your love...ooh girl just out of my reach.
outta my reach.

All my friends, say that im a fool. i just stay and take all of this hurt from you. now i wanna leave, just cant leave you. so i guess i'll stay, cuz i really really love you. putting me down, has become a habit thing with you. and it seems, your not happy unless, im feelin blue....

you always keep your love yea yea yea yea ooh babe just outta my reach..
outta my reach. you always keep your keep your love just outta my reach..
hey ooh hoo always keep your love just outta my reach..outta my reach.
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