Our God Is
by Earnest Pugh

Our God is mighty
Reigns in authority
We give him reverence
For He is King of Kings

Our God is faithful
Unchanging and able
We give Him glory
For His love and favor

Our God is holy
Perfect and sovriegn
We give him honor
For there’s no one like Him

Our God is the one who is true
Wonderful are His works
And His word eternal
We will, forever worship Him
Our God
Our God

Our God is awesome
Full of wisdom and power
We give Him all the praise
For He’s our strong tower

Our God is lovely
Gentle and beautiful
We give Him gratitude
For His endless mercy

Chorus: (in harmony)

He’s holy, He’s holy, He’s holy

He’s worthy, He’s worthy, He’s worthy

Awesome (7x’s)… Our God, our God is

Holy (7x’s)… Our God, our God is

Faithful (7x’s)… Our God, our God is

Mighty (7x’s)… Our God, our God is

Chorus: (in harmony)
Lyrics submitted by Rhea.