Most of my life I’ve spent up in the air
Waiting for time to come down
And now my virtue is well past its curfew
I’ve got to get out of this town

There is a train that has left the station
All destinations unknown
I needed to find myself a new situation
One that I can call my own

And I’m all right now, and I’m all right now
And I was blind and hypnotized and could not see
You had me wrapped up in this mess again but I broke free

Spending my time through the pockets and payments
Wheels are spinning around
Going through the motions, the trials and phases
So I could shed this here old skin

Peeling the layers like onions that make you cry
But I’ll be all right if I can just look you in the eye
I made it this far and I’m not going to look back
Until I get to the end of this town

And I’m all right now
And I’m all right now
And I’m all right now
And I’m all right. Now.
Lyrics submitted by Mary.