*(chorus) One two lace up my shoes
three to the four when i step out the door
five six, kick a little something with the cool kids then we do it again*
its like
what it is what it is come check the noise
its the new black verson of the beastie boys
chucky mike e. some dudes dont like me
dont care im dope they lame so bite me
find a rock to kick, or a bridge to jump off
ill pop your nerve when your not
im on the dyno with the black mag
smooth as the vinyl in the black bag
stumble like the whino with the brown bag
in his right hand around town again i am
keep it cool like its going out of style
sticking to the program
kicking it with no hands
its what i do been doing it for a while
homie, not a whack thread on me
size 10 jedis, obi wan kanobi
and im anakin, and im rambling
so blah de blah de blah
till the chorus end
it goes
chuck was dope, but chuck is cold
like the ice cream cone in the iceland snowstorm
feeling like a celing fan blowing out the window
midway city is the city where wind blows
farly cold refridgerator perry with a little bit of gold
'85 bears jersey true blue see my bike jumping nikes with these pegs on the side im popping wheelies on my bike
until the wheelie pop up
chuck and mike pop up
the whole sink in the kitchen till the dishes stock up
now theres shit everywhere and thats a lot to mop up
suckers cant get it right until they stop jocking us
and mmm, let me think to myself
if i wasnt me i'd want to be myself
and you, you'd probably be like mikey
im short baby and slight move you might bite me
(chorus 2x)
Lyrics submitted by Jack.