Once upon a Time in the Projects, Pt. 2
by Ice Cube

Once upon a time in the projects yo
I damn near had to wreck a hoe
Yellin' through the screen do' (Hey let me in!)
(Big Daddy got a fifth of gin and down to sin)
Baby up in two ten is on a nigga
Bendin' over pickin' up her mail she can tell I'm dyin' to get her
I'm sittin' in yo' livin' room slash kitchen
A nigga ain't tryin' to be the fuckin' groom so stop bitchin'
I like the way that ass is switchin', answer the do'
Some nigga in a eighty-kay, yo' baby daddy
Lookin' like he mad at me (what) wit'cho name on his neck
Here we go with mo' drama in the projects

Wait a minute, who is this motherfucker?
You better take his ass in the back, and start talkin'
Nick that bud 'fore it bloom, and start stalkin
I can hear you guys yellin' a little strugglin'
You'se a fool if you think that I'm jumpin' in
That nigga jet, smokin' on a cigarette
You say domestic shit, get you soakin' wet?
Well come with it and get it, blow my socks
While I'm drinkin' all the cool-Aid, watchin Jamie Foxx
I'm hearin' mo' knocks
(Oh, that's just my people
They came all the way to the projects to meet you) Who?
This fool wearin' black, his girl, in the see through
Distraction, a little action, *fight ensues* I woke up
Tied up like (What happened? Punk you shoulda stuck to rappin'
Niggas tell me you got a house full of platinum
Where the platinum at motherfucker?
I hear that shit worth more than gold!)

Wait a minute motherfucker, this my house!
Once upon a time in the projects
Once upon a time in the projects
Once upon a time in the projects
Once upon a time, once upon a time

I'm like baffled, they got me gaffled, with the duct tape
So I remain raw, in come this chainsaw *knock knock knock*
Another knock, it's the girl from two-ten
Here to drop salt, that's when them bitches fought
I thought, "I bet-ta plan my escape"
In the midst of this commotion, Ice Cube is breakin' tape
I'm free, bombin' on the first thing I see
And guess who walk in, with a nine, and a grin
It's the baby daddy he ain't playin',
He started layin' everybody down, about face with a frown
I'm runnin' to the bedroom, I lock the do'
And grab the phone, the bitch phone ain't turned on
I think I'm gone, that's when I hear a soft knock
It's the girl from two-ten, with her number, and a glock
Said, "Call me up, if it's for sex, or chin check
Nigga get you a real ass bitch from the projects!"

And I just might do that
Once upon a time in the projects
Once upon a time in the projects
Once upon a time in the projects
Once upon a time, once upon a time
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