On My Father's Side
by Heaven Bound

Just a young boy in the temple one day
Shared with the doctor's, they were so amazed
Never had they seen one so young speak so swift
They asked him many questions, the conversation went like this

(man speak) what's your name son?
(sing with harmony) on my mother's side (girl sing solo) my name is
(sing with harmony) but on my father's side (girl sing solo) they call
Me Emmanuel

[repeat this singing pattern through all four stanzas of chorus.]

How old are you?
On my mother's side now I'm 12 years
But on my father's side I've just always been

Where are you from?
On my mother's side I'm from Bethlehem
But on my father's side it's the new Jerusalem

What's your plan?
On my mother's side I'll be crucified
(sing all with harmony) but on my father's side in 3 days i will rise
And I'll sit at my father's side

He was the son of god yet the son of man
And i can't help but wonder how Joseph must have felt
Through an old thin door that day he heard his son reply
He said "you see I'm the king of kings, that's on my father's side"
Lyrics submitted by Troy.